Welcome to the Memory Rubbing Lab.
As a participant, you will tell a special memory here. Your memory will be designated to a stranger, who will create a drawing of your memory. You will also be drawing someone else's memory.

Hi, now take a moment and think about it. What memory do you want to tell here? It might be a memory you want to or don't want to forget.
Could be something painful, or something delightful.

Retrieve the memory.
Describe the shape, the form,
the color, the surrounding, the lighting,
the person's voice, their touch,
the weather, the tempreture, the smell in the air,
the texture of everything, the background sound...

When you are ready, tell a memory of yours, a special one.

Now, grab a piece a paper and a pencil.
Here is a memory we found for you.
Please start drawing as you press the play button.

Good luck on your drawing.
And please do not forget to take a photo of it and submit it here.